80mm resin bond diamond concrete floor grinding disc

1. Specification(1). Dry / wet use(2). Polishing time reduced by 50%;(3). Lower labor costs(4). Wet polishing pads are mainly used for processing and polishing the Profiled stones such as marble, granite and engineered stone; Sequence of grinding, from rough si

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1. Specification

(1). Dry / wet use
(2). Polishing time reduced by 50%;
(3). Lower labor costs
(4). Wet polishing pads are mainly used for processing and polishing the Profiled stones such as marble, granite and engineered stone; Sequence of grinding, from rough size to fine size.

2. Advatagement
(1). Super flexible
(2). Up to 4500rpm
(3). Incredible polishing
(4). The 3-step polishing pads, the latest products, are high density pregnant diamond ceramic-metal chips pads.
(5). They are with extra aggressive cutting performance, i step pad can do the same work of 2 or 3 steps of traditional pads.
(6). Using our 3-step pad, you will save a lot of time and money! Stand products see below. Other styles and sizes are available on customer's request.

3. Application
(1). Suitable for grinding and polishing marble, granite, concrete's surface, and for Levigation Machine from middle grinding, finely processed to polishing, must pay more attention when close to polishing degree to reduce using water

(2). Extra Sharp Polishing pads were built with quality, performance, and speed as its driving force. Extra Sharp wanted the fabricator to cut their polishing process in half the steps, saving 50% labor, doubling production, while improving the quality of the polish. Extra Sharp 3-step-polishing-pads have fully achieved this with results that have to be experienced to believe.

1). 10 year's history experience.
2). ISO9001, SGS Product Quality Control CETIFICATION of all products.
3). Accept all domestic and international markets.
4). Main Products: Diamond Saw Blade, Flexible Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Segments, Diamond Wire and Abrasives etc.

5. Other Diamond tools
(1) diamond saw blade: Granite saw blade, marble saw blade, small saw blade, tile saw blade etc.
(2) diamond weir saw, diamond segments
(3) diamond polishing pads: Dry polishing pads, wet polishing pads, copper-resin polishing pads
(4) diamond floor grinding tools: Trapezoid grinding disc, diamond grinding block, diamond grinding plate, cup grinding wheel.
(5) diamond core drills: Core Bits, Electroplated anchor bits, diamond finger bits, brazed finger bits, wizard diamond tips
(6) Machine connection: Polishing pads head/backer, saw flange etc.
(7) others: Bush Hammer. Milling wheel, zero tolerance wheel, tangential fickert, router bits etc.
Brand:Extra  Sharp
Features:1)  Grit:   50,   100,   200,   400,   800,   1500,   3000, buff
2)  Application  for  polishing  marble,   granite,   glass  and  other  special-sharp  stone  of  corner
3)  Suitable  for  the  grinding  process  of  the  curved  or  polygon  surface
Specification:Outer  Diameter HolderGritThickness

InchmmVelcro50#, 100#, 200#,   400#,
800#, 1500#,   3000#, buff







Advantages:1)  High  gloss  finishes  in  very  short  time 
2)  Never  mark  the  stone  and  burns  the  surface  of  the  stone
3)  Bright  clear  light  and  never  fade                                                                                                         
4)  Different  granularities  and  sizes  as  requested                                                                           
5)  Competitive  price  and  superior  quality                                                                                               
6)  Beautiful  package  and  fast  delivery                                                                                                                                                       
7)  Excellent  service
Applied  machine:Angle  grinder  or  other  hand  machine 
MOQ:  1  set  of  each  size
Payment  Terms:  T/T,   Western  Union,   Paypal,   etc.
PackageCarton  box  for  each  piece  or  customers  requirement
  Delivery7-12  days  upon  receiving  payment
Certification:ISO9001,   SGS  Product  Quality  Control
Main  Market:USA,   Canada,   Germany,   Italy,   Portugal,   Poland,   Russia,   Brazil,  
Chile,   Australia,   UAE,   South  Africa,   etc.

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