H-Bn hexagonal boron nitride powder

---------------------------------------------Product description:Formula: BNMolecular weight: 24.84 CAS No.:10043-11-5Density: 2.29g/cm3Mohs hardness: 2Thermal conductivity: 40w/m•kHexagonal boron nitride powder is pure, white, a ceramic material with lamellar structures similar to graphite. Boron nitride powder has excell

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Product description:

Formula: BN
Molecular weight: 24.84
CAS No.:10043-11-5
Density: 2.29g/cm3

Mohs hardness: 2
Thermal conductivity: 40w/m•k

Hexagonal boron nitride powder is pure, white, a ceramic material with lamellar structures similar to graphite. Boron nitride powder has excellent high-temperature stability and lubricating properties and is a unique combination of high thermal conductivity and dielectric strength in one material.

H-Bn Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder

  1. High-temperature greases;
  2. Release agent for metal molding;
  3. Oils, anti-seize compounds, dielectric greases;
  4. A filler in a variety of resin systems;
  5. BN power can be suppressed in various shapes which are used as insulation and heat sink components at high temperature, high pressure;
  6. Heatshield material in the aerospace industry;
  7. It may be converted into cubic boron nitride (CBN) as hard as diamond under the participation of accelerant;
  8. A filler in cosmetics, non-toxic, lubricious, and has a special luster.
Technical specifications:
 SYDW Series: D50=1~8µm

 SYGW Series: D50=5~20µm 
CategoryGradepurity(%)B2O3 (%)GranularityApplication
SYDW99Special Grade≥99.0≤0.21~8cosmetics, resistance materials
SYDW98Grade 1≥98.0≤0.51~8release agent, coating, spray
SYGW99Special Grade≥99.0≤0.35~15cubic boron nitride, hot pressed boron nitride
SYGW98Grade 1≥98.0≤0.55~15release agent, coating

Packing condition:

H-Bn Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder

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